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This recipe of shortcut meatballs, mashed potato and vegetables is an easy and nutritious shortcut meal. The meatballs were pre-made and purchased from the supermarket as were the frozen mixed vegetables from the freezer section. I bought two potatoes to make mashed potato but you can purchase pre-made mashed potato to make this meal even easier to make.

The utensils required were a saucepan to cook the meatballs and a saucepan with a steamer to cook the potato and mixed vegetables. This is an easy, cheap, fast and fabulous recipe to add to your repertoire while travelling or even at home.

If you don’t feel like mashed potato and veggies with your meatballs consider boiling some pasta and serving the meatballs with pasta in a tomato sauce.

Meatballs Served With Pasta In A Tomato Sauce.

Meatballs Served With Pasta In A Tomato Sauce.


Shortcut Meatballs Are Made From Pre-made Meatballs From The Supermarket.

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