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Paella is a great staple Spanish dish made from rice, flavourings and local fresh ingredients of prawns, chicken and chorizo sausage. Put it all together and you have an easy, cheap, fast and fabulous meal. This Paella shortcut recipe involves purchasing pre-packaged rice and spices then adding a few fresh or frozen ingredients.

I first discovered Paella when I visited Spain. I noticed it was on every menu in every restaurant I went to. And of course I wanted to try it. And I did and I was hooked. The traditional way of making Paella is in a Paella pan. As we can’t all travel with a paella pan and fresh ingredients here is my Paella shortcut recipe. Some may say it is the ‘cheats’ way, but I don’t care, it is an easy option when travelling.

When using the pre-packaged rice be careful of the salt and sugar content. That aside, let’s get into this Paella shortcut recipe.



Paella Shortcut Recipe PIN. Paella is a Spanish Rice Dish.

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