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If you love the flavours of Mexican food, then you will love my One Pot Mexican dish. Full of ingredients that you find in many Mexican dishes like peppers, beans, mince beef and taco flavouring, this dish is easy to make and will satisfy any cravings for Mexican food that you might have. It always satisfies me! And sometimes I put the end result into a soft tortilla with salad and cheese – yum! So if you need a quick and easy Mexican dish for dinner tonight, then my One Pot Mexican Beef dish has you covered: One pot, simple ingredients, 10 mins prep time and 20 mins to cook, you hunger pains will be satisfied within 30 minutes.


Ingredients Needed to make my One Pot Mexican Dish


You can see there are plenty of fresh ingredients in this One Pot Mexican Dish. While travelling i prefer to use a pre-made Taco mix rather than carry lots of different spices. All the ingredients can be bought easily while on the road.


One Pot Mexican Dish Ingredients.


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