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Risottos are one of my favourite meals. What I like about them so much is the versatility in the flavours I can create. Each ingredient can provide a different mouth watering flavour, from the sweetness of pumpkin, to the fishy taste of salmon and everything else in between – yes, I love Risotto – and you can too.

This recipe is an easy Mushroom Risotto recipe. It has become a family favourite because even with only a few ingredients, it is very tasty. Now risotto does have a reputation for being tricky and time consuming to make however, my version is neither. And what do I do differently? Well, the main thing is I don’t have a pot of bubbling stock that I lovingly spoon a ladleful into my risotto every few minutes. I don’t have time for that and I just chuck all the stock in right from the start and stir the mixture regularly. And voila – risotto.

For me, there are two things that are important when I make risotto. Firstly, the right rice – I always use aborio. And secondly, stirring the mixture regularly is a must. And then in under 30 minutes I have a risotto that tastes as good as any I’ve had in an Italian restaurant.

Mushroom Risotto Is Made From Arborio Rice, Mushrooms And Vegetable Stock. An Easy Risotto.

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