Muesli isn’t one of my favourite breakfast dishes as I think it tastes like cardboard! But I eat it to stay healthy while I travel. This is very important because when you eat better, you travel better. By adding different fruits to it like bananas, strawberries, blueberries and nuts, then a big dollop of yoghurt, I find muesli with fruit and yoghurt quite appealing and appetising.

Now I don’t make my own muesli by toasting the different ingredients, I usually buy a pre-made muesli mixture, which is what I suggest you do as it is so easy to travel with. And it isn’t that expensive either and will provide quite a few breakfasts for you. So this is a simple recipe for breakfast that can be eaten while camping, travelling and staying in hostels and hotels.


Ingredients Needed


  • pre-made muesli bought from a store
  • fruits of choice – I love bananas, strawberries and blueberries. But I have also used tinned peaches as the fresh fruit didn’t look, well, that fresh. I’ve also tried tinned pineapple but didn’t find this as appealing as the peaches.
  • yoghurt – I prefer the Greek plain yoghurt but you can choose any yoghurt you like.
  • milk – sometimes I have both milk and yoghurt – it depends on what I have at the time.


Utensils Required


Utensils needed to make a breakfast of muesli, fruit and yoghurt is limited which is why this is such a good breakfast to make while on the road or at home. You may need a knife to cut up your fruit and you will need a bowl and spoon to eat with. Not many utensils means not much to wash up afterwards!


Prepare Your Muesli Breakfast


Preparing this breakfast is easy. In a bowl put your muesli, maybe add a little milk and then on top, add cut up fruit and yoghurt. Then enjoy!


Muesli Fruit and Yoghurt PIN.

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