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Minestrone is a hearty Italian vegetable soup made in a tomato broth with pasta or rice to bulk it up. The luxury of this soup is you can use any leftover vegetables, so if you have vegetables you want to use up before you move on, then make this soup. As well as vegetables many people add a can of beans or lentils to add extra bulk and fibre. This is definitely a very healthy soup. An easy, cheap, fast and fabulous soup that is great to make while travelling. It is one of my favourites to make while travelling and when I’m at home. I like to use local fresh produce when I make this soup. So the flavour can change every time I make it and that is because I use the different vegetables available to me. And sometimes I add things like cannelloni beans or lentils to give it a different flavour again.


Minestrone Soup Is A Classic Italian Vegetable Soup. Made From Vegetables In A Tomato Liquid With Pasta Added To Bulk It Up.

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