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Pies are a fantastic fast and fabulous meal. There are so many bakeries that make wonderful tasting pies. However, homemade pies made in my pie maker are a favourite of mine and my family. I’ve had my pie maker for years and use it regularly. It often comes travelling with me depending on my transport and where I am going. My favourite is meat and cheese but pies are so versatile, you can literally put anything inside them. Creamy chicken and corn is nice as is curry vegetable. That’s the thing about making your own pies, you can put whatever filling in them you like.



Some Savoury Pie Fillings

Mince and Cheese
Creamy Chicken and Corn
Curry Vegetable
Spicy Sweet Potato

Leave the top off the pie and make

Leave the top piece of pastry off and put mashed potato on top and make a Shepherd’s Pie. Or add an egg mixture and make a quiche.


Some Sweet Pie Fillings

Apple and Cinnamon
Strawberry and Rhubarb


HomeMade Pie Made From Mince Meat And Cheese And Smothered With Tomato Sauce.

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