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Packed with spinach, tomato, mushrooms and cheese, these Loaded Scrambled Eggs are an easy, fast and fabulous meal to start your day with. Easy to make with just 5 mins prep and 10-15 mins to cook until eating. It is the perfect way to start your day of travelling or sightseeing.


Why Are These Loaded Scrambled Eggs so Good?


  • The ingredients in loaded scrambled eggs are readily available and often in your travelling pantry.
  • Loaded scrambled eggs are quick to make, so when you are hungry, they are great to have for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner!
  • This dish is packed with veggies – tomato, spinach, mushrooms + you can add other things – bacon and onion. And cheese like in this loaded scrambled eggs recipe.
  • All the ingredients in loaded scrambled eggs are nutritious so you are fuelling your body.
  • Loaded scrambled eggs are a hearty low carb meal packed with protein so if you need to reduce your carbs, this is a good meal to help with tat.


Ingredients Required for Loaded Scrambled Eggs


  • Eggs – use fresh free range or organic eggs if you can. I use 2 eggs per person. These are chicken eggs but I’m sure you could use duck eggs if you like them!
  • Veggies – you can pack loads of veggies into your eggs. I like to add mushrooms, spinach and tomatoes – they taste great together. I like to use fresh spinach.
  • Cheese – a handful of shredded tasty cheese is all you need, though sometimes I add some Feta cheese – it makes it look and taste even better.

Other Ingredients to Add

You literally can add anything you like into your loaded scrambled eggs. Some things you can add include:
  • bacon, onion, kale, capsicum


Loaded Scrambled Eggs ingredients - 2 eggs, 5 small tomatoes, handful of cheese, handful of spinach and mushrooms.

How To Make Loaded Scrambled Eggs

My recipe is easy to make and easy to follow.

  • First, get all your ingredients together.
  • Chop the mushrooms and tomato and start cooking them in a small frypan with a dob of butter.
  • When mushrooms and tomato are to your liking, add a handful of spinach and melt it down.
  • Meanwhile, in a bowl, whisk together the eggs, cheese and a little milk.
  • When the veggies are to your liking, add the egg mixture and cook until egg mixture is scrambled to your liking. And Voila!


In a saucepan, cook mushrooms and tomatoes in a dob of butter.

Cook your mushrooms and tomato in a dob of butter.

add spinach to mushroom and tomato mixture and cook.

Add spinach and cook down.

add whisked eggs and cheese to tomato, mushroom and spinach cooking in frypan.

Best Methods for Cooking


There are different methods you can use to cook your eggs. As long as you have a frypan and heat you are all set. Heat can come from:


  • Cooktop – a cooktop element that is electric or gas that you can put your frypan on top of.
  • Camp cooking stove – if you are camping in the great outdoors you can cook your loaded scrambled eggs in your frypan on top of your camp stove.
  • Camp fire – if you have hot coals or a fire you can cook your loaded scrambled eggs in your pan on top of the heat.


What to Serve with Loaded Scrambled Eggs

I often enjoy my eggs on their own however, you can serve them on toast. Add a glass of juice or a hot coffee and you have the perfect breakfast meal for making in a hostel, hotel or while camping. Some people like to serve their scrambled eggs with some fresh chives or parsley on top. I often add some cracked pepper.


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Have you tried these Loaded Scrambled Eggs? Did you add other ingredients? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!


Loaded Scrambled Eggs - with tomato, spinach, mushroom and cheese PIN

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