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Irish Stew is one of my favourite winter warmers. It is not only a popular dish from Ireland but is a much loved dish the world over. It was traditionally made with mutton (sheep) but it is now often made with lamb and some people like it made with beef. Either meat will create a hearty and delicious stew for you to enjoy. I like to add onion, potato and carrot to my stew as it gives it more bulk and flavours. I serve it in a bowl, for lunch or dinner and I often accompany the stew with bread to soak up the juices. And when travelling being able to make a hearty, quick and easy stew is essential. Plus the ingredients don’t cost the earth making it a very budget-friendly traveller meal. Without further ado here is my Traditional Irish Stew.

The following ingredients are for 1 person – if there are more of you, double quantities for 2 people, triple for 3 people, and so on.



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