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My favourite homemade burger has 2 meat patties, bacon, cheese + salad. What’s Yours?


I don’t know about you, but I love burgers. I love that they can be so easy to make and when cooked right and with added salad can be a nutritious and tasty meal. Yes, you heard right, nutritious, particularly when you make them yourself. And you don’t need a lot of equipment to make them either, which is a bonus. These reasons mean making homemade burgers while travelling are not only easy to make but provide nutrition, will help to keep you travelling. So eat well and travel better with my suggested ideas for homemade burgers.


What is a Hamburger?


A hamburger is a food consisting of a bread roll or slices of bread with fillings. Fillings are usually a patty of ground meat, usually beef. Now before all you veggies start looking for another recipe, keep reading as I have many filling options further on.


What is the History of the Hamburger?


I have read on a number of instances now that the humble burger was invented by Charlie Nareen who put a meatball between two slices of bread and sold this at a fair in Seymour in the USA. This was way back in 1885. It seems he squashed the meatball between the slices of bread, and voila, this concoction became the first known hamburger. And how popular this has now become.


How did the Hamburger get its Name?


You would think that Charlie Nareen would have named his creation. And you would think that ham is involved somehow, however, the name of Hamburger was derived by German immigrants who brought Hamburg steaks to the USA. These steaks were put between bread. If this is true, I would just like to thank them!


Is a Burger Healthy?


Many people don’t think hamburgers are healthy, but this does depend on the ingredients and how you cook them. According to some nutrition experts hamburgers are full of fatty meat and sugary sauces that are on refined grain buns. Well, my fellow burger lovers, hamburgers are full of protein, iron and vitamins. As long as you choose lean meat and grill the meat or even lightly fry it the fat content, I don’t believe is too high. Add plenty of salad – lettuce, tomato, etc and some cheese and put it all together in a higher grain bun, then your burger is quite healthy.


Why are Burgers so Popular?


Apart from the great taste, hamburgers are cheap to make, which is great for backpackers and travellers. Plus, you can put whatever you like on your burger making them tasty and nutritious. Did you know that burgers are so popular that there is a ‘Hamburger Hall of Fame’ in Seymour, Wisconsin. Another reason they are popular is because they can be eaten anytime. 


How to Make a Hamburger and What Equipment do you Need?


Hamburgers are easy to make in my opinion. You just need a grill or fry pan to cook your patty and bacon and onion. Once cooked put inside a bun or 2 slices of bread with other ingredients like salad. You will need a knife to slice salad and a plate to eat off.


My Favourite Ingredients to put on a Hamburger


I have a number of favourite ingredients and depending on what I have available to me, and what I feel like making, I often use the following:

Meat Patty – this can be substituted by a chicken patty, fish patty or a vegetable patty.



Some Homemade Burger Suggestions


Beef Burger with Cheese and Bacon
Hawaiian Beef Burger – Burger with pineapple
Chicken Burger – Piece of chicken or chicken patty + lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise
Veggie Burger – lettuce, tomato and chutney
Fish Burger – lettuce, cheese and mayonnaise
Chilli Burger – chilli beef and cheese
Chicken and Avocado Burger


Are you Ready to enjoy a Homemade Hamburger?


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