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I always thought eggplants were a vegetable but technically they are a fruit. And what a versatile fruit they are. They can be grilled, roasted, sautéed, and now people are cooking them in their air fryers. Eggplants can be used in savoury salads, as a side dish or even as a main meal as with this recipe, Eggplant Parma. It is the vegetarian version of a Chicken parma (parmigiana) which is a slice of eggplant, baked, then a tomato sauce put on top and then cheese melted over it. Served with chips and or salad or vegetables. It is a great little meal and very filling.


How to Prepare Eggplant for Cooking


Many recipes advise for salting and ringing your eggplant before cooking it as this draws out the bitterness. Some people just put salt on the eggplant while other soak the slices in a salty water before patting the pieces dry. For my recipe of Eggplant Parmigiana (Parma) I salted both sides of the eggplant, let is sit for 10 minutes, then patted it with paper towel to remove the excess moisture, which also took most of the salt off.


Eggplant Parmigiana (Parma) Is A Vegetarian Alternative To The Australian Classic Chicken Parma. Made From Eggplant, Tomato Sauce And Cheese.

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