If you are heading off travelling, whether that be camping or backpacking you might be thinking about food and how will you stay healthy when you travel. One way to help you stay healthy is to cook your own meals. But this means you need to take cooking equipment with you. Your first thought may have turned to heavy pots and pans. But what if I told you there is cooking equipment and gear that is lightweight and collapsable available! Great news, there is. In this post I will show you some of this collapsable travel cooking gear and accessories that are going to become your new best friends. Read on.


Advantages of Collapsable Travel Cooking Gear and Accessories


I have discovered a number of advantages of collapsable travel cooking gear and accessories. They include:

  • Space Saving – because they collapse to small things they save on space
  • Light – most of them are made from light materials like silicone which are non-toxic
  • Durable and Strong
  • Easy to move and transport because they collapse
  • Handy to have as you don’t know what is available at your next stop
  • Can be used for both hot and cold food and water
  • Easy to clean and safe to handle as they don’t break
  • Most are environmentally friendly
  • Cleaning them is a breeze, you just wash them like other items
  • Reusable, time and time again.


Disadvantages of Collapsable Travel Cooking Gear and Accessories


I haven’t really found any yet. But, I am wondering how long some of the items will last, because I am a ‘heavy user’ of my items. Meaning, they get a lot of use. I guess time will only tell.


Collapsable Travel Cooking Gear and Accessories




collapsable cups for camping or backpacking.

How useful are these cups. Collapsing to a small size allows you to carry more than one if you need. Easily accessible when you need a drink so you lips don’t touch any dirty surfaces. And it has a lid!

Water bottle


collapsable water bottle is a space saver.

Fill this water bottle up at the beginning of the day and compact it as you drink your water. Made from sturdy silicone and is leak proof.


Bowl with lid


bowls with lids are great space savers while camping and travelling.

A collapsable bowl will see you eating one minute then have a space saving item the next. Having a lid will allow you to store any leftovers.



collapsable kettle so you can always have a cuppa while camping or travelling.

Need hot water to make a coffee or tea or to heat your noodles then having access to a kettle will come in handy. This strong kettle made from silicone is super easy to use to heat water when you need it.

Measuring Cups and Spoons


measuring spoons and cups are handy to measure out ingredients.

Easily measure liquids and dry ingredients with these collapsable measuring cups and spoons so your meals are the right consistency and taste good.


Sink that becomes a Chopping Board


Collapsable sink and chopping board.

Roll 3 items into one – chopping board, colander and basin. What more can you ask?


Esky or Cooler


collapsable esky is a great space saver.

Keep your food cool and fresh in this collapsable esky or cooler bag. What a great space saver that will keep your food longer so you can save money when cooking your own meals.


Fire Pit


collapsable fire pit is so versatile providing heat and allowing cooking.

Stay warm and cook your food with this collapsable fire pit and BBQ grill. Packs as flat as a tent.


Final words on Collapsable Travel Cooking Gear and Utensils


Who would have thought that our lives camping or even Hostelling are made easier with these collapsable travel cooking gear and utensils. So easy to carry, your life will be so much easier knowing you can make fast and fabulous meals when travelling.


Collapsable Travel Cooking Gear PIN. Kettles, Cups, Chopping Boards and Fire Pits - All Collapsable To Save You Space When Travelling.

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