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Chicken Parmigiana – an Australian Pub Classic Meal


A Chicken Parmigiana (Parma or Parmi) is a very popular Australian ‘pub grub’ (pub food) dish. You will always find it on the menu in pubs, clubs and restaurants. It is basically a chicken snitzel with tomato sauce or paste on one side, with a slice of ham and melted cheese on top. You serve it with hot chips and salad. It is such an easy meal to make while travelling or at home.


Is it a Parma or a Parmi?


Good question. This depends on where in Australia you are living. The full name is parmigiana but In some states in is called a parma or parmi for short.


What are the Main Ingredients for a Chicken Parmigiana?


There are minimal ingredients required to make your chicken parmigiana. The main ingredient is a piece of chicken that has been coated in breadcrumbs. I usually buy these pre-made but you are welcome to make your own. When I do, I buy a chicken breast, beat it flat then mix an egg and milk, dip the chicken breast in and then dip it into breadcrumbs. I have substituted the egg and milk for plain yoghurt but I have found the coating to separate from the chicken during cooking. After the chicken, the next ingredient is some ham, tomato sauce and cheese.


How do you Make a Chicken Parmigiana?


So how to make a chicken parmigiana. Once you have your chicken, most will shallow fry it in a little oil or butter – whichever you have. You flip the chicken once to ensure it is cooked through. Once the chicken is cooked, you take it out of the oil, put some sauce on top, then some ham and a layer of grated cheese. You can use sliced cheese as long as it melts. Then you put it under a grill or into the oven and let the cheese melt and turn a golden colour. Then serve.


Do You Shallow Fry or Deep Fry a Chicken Parmigiana?


I prefer to shall fry my chicken parmigiana, but that is just me. Some people will deep fry a chicken parmigiana but I find it a little greasy. I think deep frying will see the chicken cook faster and you will be eating quicker, so if you are very hungry, you may want to deep fry the chicken before adding the toppings and melting the cheese under a grill.


What do you Serve with a Chicken Parmigiana?


Most pubs service a chicken parmigiana with chips (fries) and a salad. Mostly a green salad with tomato, though I often serve it with a Greek Salad. You can serve it with a plate of your favourite vegetables – I often do as an alternative.


Vegetarian Alternative – Eggplant Parmigiana


If you prefer, you can always make the vegetarian alternative parmigiana with eggplant. Instead of chicken, use slices of eggplant that you have prepared. What I mean by that is you will need to salt the slices to draw out the moisture and tarty taste before cooking. Check out my Eggplant Parmigiana recipe here.


Chicken Parmigiana Recipe and Method



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Chicken Parmigiana (Parma) Is A Chicken Snitzel With Tomato Sauce Or Paste, A Slice Of Ham And Melted Cheese On Top Holding It All Together.

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