Go ahead, I dare you to find a more satisfying meal than eating a big, juicy and tasty burger! After reading this post, I’m sure you will agree my fellow foodie and travel bloggers have met the challenge head on! There is some controversy over the origin of the hamburger. Different countries have claimed honours of inventing it because of its two basic ingredients – beef and bread – and these have been eaten together for many years. But whoever invented the burger, I thank them from the bottom of my stomach. Without further ado, here are some of the best burgers from around the world for you to savour.

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Red’s Donut Burger

Eaten and Loved by Hannah from Get Lost Travel Blog


Donut Burger is a regular burger but in a donut bun.

Two beef patties, smoked bacon, cheese, crispy onions and dirty sauce sounds like a pretty standard burger. But Red’s True Barbecue in Leeds, England have added their own twist.

Red’s Donut Burger is exactly what it sounds like – all those delicious ingredients sandwiched between two glazed donuts. Based on the description alone, this can sound like a turn off, but I urge you not to rule out the Donut Burger just yet!

The combination of the salty savouriness of the burger and fillings, accompanied by sugary sweetness of the donuts is a surprisingly delicious offering. Think pancakes and bacon but with more flavour!

The burger is served with fries and fried pickles. Plus, Red’s have many side options. Whether you want mac-n-cheese, onion rings, or slaw there is plenty to choose from.

And the best thing about the Donut Burger is just how flexible it is! If you don’t like the sound of the original Donut Burger, you can swap the brioche bun on one of their other burger combos for a couple of donuts instead!

Plus, Red’s True Barbeque have several restaurants throughout the UK, so you can enjoy the Donut Burger in Leeds, Huddersfield, Hull, Bradford, Manchester or Nottingham.


Butter Burger

Eaten and Loved by Hannah and Adam from Getting Stamped


Milwaukee Butter Burger is a great burger.

If you are on the hunt for the best burger while traveling, be sure to check out Kopps, which is a staple in the Milwaukee restaurant scene and definitely makes the list for the Best Burgers in Milwaukee. 

Kopps has three locations in Milwaukee and is well known for its delicious burgers for an affordable price. They serve chicken sandwiches and grilled cheese, but the butter burgers are what keep the locals & tourists coming back. If you visit, don’t forget to try their frozen custard. Kopps is a takeout restaurant with some bench seating in the summer. 

While Kopps has many sandwiches on the menu, the best one is the Butter Burger as they are huge in size, so you can definitely share with another burger fanatic. The Butter Burger is juicy, and grilled to perfection with cheddar cheese added on top and oozes with butter which is a specialty you will only find in Milwaukee. Don’t forget to add the perfectly grilled onions and a range of other toppings including lettuce, tomatoes, jalapenos, or bacon, for the ultimate fast food burger. 

Butter Burgers are the perfect proportion of meat and bun, creating the perfect meat feast! The best part of this amazing burger is the price point, as it is under $9! Be sure to add a side of onion rings or fries to round out the perfect lunch or dinner in Milwaukee.


The Booch Burger

Eaten and Loved by Tabitha from Travel Compositions


Booch Burger is a favourite burger.

A burger I can’t stop thinking about in my travels is “The Booch Burger” from The Booch Bar in Hilo, Hawaii.

In old downtown Hilo you’ll find a colorful kombucha bar restaurant, owned by the people who make Big Island Booch. They also make their own fermented foods like krauts and kimchi as well as sauces.

“The Booch Burger” is made with 100% Big Island Beef, from cows raised on the northern end of the island. The soft whole wheat bun is toasted and slathered with house condiments: lilikoi (Hawaiian passionfruit) mustard, roasted garlic aioli, and even a kombucha ketchup. Organic veggies, tomatoes, and sprouts (yum!) complete the burger and what you have is a sweet, tangy, and beefy burger.

It’s served with a housemade dill pickle spear and a choice of side, like a scoop of Hawaiian purple sweet potato salad.

Keeping with the kombucha theme, they also create kombucha cocktails which perfectly compliment the burger.


Panko Fish Burger

Eaten and Loved by Sharyn from Discover Australia Now


Panko Fish Burger from Hunky Dory is a great burger.

Usually, a traditional fish and chip shop in Australia serves pieces of fish deep fried in batter with chips. They are then wrapped in newspaper so you can take it away to sit on the beach. Recently though while travelling Australia I discovered a fish and chip shop chain called Hunky Dory and they offer a sit-down style of fish and chip restaurant. Classy!

On the menu at Hunky Dory is the usual servings of fish and chips but they also offer a number of burgers. One in particular is the Panko Fish Burger. When I saw it listed on the menu I thought it sounded interesting – and the flavours I discovered were sublime.

Panko is actually a Japanese-style of breadcrumb that is used as a coating for deep-fried food. In this case, a piece of fish.

My Panko Fish Burger comprised of a piece of fish, the size of a burger bun, coated in the panko breadcrumbs, deep fried and put on top of coleslaw and spicy chilli dressing in a brioche burger bun. And of course served with chips – like they should be!

I was thoroughly impressed with my Panko Fish Burger, and I highly suggest if you see a Hunky Dory Fish and Chip Restaurant to go right in and try one of these tasty burgers!


Burger from The Cow, Isle of Wight

Eaten and Loved by Zoe from Together In Switzerland


The Cow Burger is a great burger from the Cow Restaurant on the Isle of Wight.

For a delicious, locally sourced burger in the United Kingdom, find yourself booking a table at The Cow on the Isle of Wight. It has been one of the best burgers I have ever eaten while exploring the island. Not only was it cooked perfectly to my choice, it was seasoned and filled with cheese, bacon, tomatoes, fried onions and bbq sauce.

Their burgers are all home made with options also gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan choices. The bread buns are super delicious as well as the side of fries that you can take with your burger. I took it with a dip of tomato ketchup, but they had more sauces to choose from.

It’s one of my favourite burgers that I remember from our trip, simply since it was just so fresh, cooked perfectly, as well as the restaurant being welcoming, popular and clearly a local favourite. When I am back on the Isle of Wight, I will definitely be making another table reservation here for another burger and fries!


Poutine Burger

Eaten and Loved by Denise from Chef Denise


TX Burger from New Braunfels is a great burger.

Don’t you love when you have an unexpected food find while traveling? That’s how I found my favorite burger. While deciding where to eat in New Braunfels, TX, I stumbled upon Muck and Fuss. With a name like that I knew I had to go. 

Their menu lists at least 12 different types of Angus beef burgers. I chose the decadent Poutine Burger medium rare and it was the best! French fries, brown gravy, pulled pork, mushrooms, cheese curds, and fried tobacco onions piled on a handmade patty. The fresh-baked bun comes from the local bakery, Naegelin’s, the oldest bakery in Texas.

All burgers at Muck and Fuss come with choice of fries, salad, or Asian slaw. Even though I had fries on the burger, that was my choice and I have no regrets. They have a great selection of local beers, so that was my other side. On a beautiful day, this combination and a seat outside is the perfect meal.


Madras Burger

Eaten and Loved by Anita from Anita Beyond the Sea


Madras Burger is a great burger to eat.

An hamburger, a fried egg, tomatoes, cucumbers, and a slice of cheese, seasoned with mayonnaise or ketchup and the final touch, a few drops of spicy sauce made with the local peppers. And you have the recipe to happiness!

Madras is much more than a burger, it’s a symbol of French Guiana’s people routines and way of eating. You could try it after your sport sessions or even at dawn after a night out.

How to best enjoy it? With your friends or travel companions with a soda or beer in your hand, sitting on the van’s (where Madras is prepared) plastic chairs, in the middle of the kitchen’s fumes. Expect the fried smell to stay with you for a day or two.

We love the traditional version. But most recently a new version of Madras, have traded the traditional bread for banane plantin bread. It’s a less sweeter banana that is often used for beignets. The taste is different but to try for sure. Even though, the already charged recipe will be even harder to digest with bananas!

Would you like to know more about French Guiana’s traditions and experiences? Check out our French Guiana page. Adventure is granted!



Eaten and Loved by Hannah and Adam from Getting Stamped

Cowfish Burger from Citywalk Restaurant Universal Studios Orlando is one of the best burgers to eat.

Cowfish is one of the Best Citywalk Restaurants at Universal Studios that we make multiple visits to while we are in the area as it is our absolute favorite. Cowfish is a combination of seafood and the best burgers around, all under one roof. The flavors are delicious and out of this world for many menu items; however, the best item to order is their burgers.

The burgers at Cowfish are sure to make your mouth water and tingle all of your taste buds as you enjoy the C.B.C.L.T, which is a beef burger loaded with applewood smoked bacon, a combination of white cheddar cheese and yellow cheddar cheese, complemented with lettuce, tomato, onion, and their special ingredient Cowfish sauce.


Brewery Burger, Coldstream Brewery

Eaten and Loved by Sharyn from LiveWorkPlayTravel


Brewery Burger from Coldstream Brewery is one of the best burgers I've eaten.

A burger I would like to add to this list is the McDonalds Big Mac. It isn’t the most tastiest I’ve ever had but in my 20s a Big Mac meal was my hangover remedy. I can’t tell you how many days this mid-morning burger got me through the day! Instead, I’m going to tell you about one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten at the Coldstream Brewery.

The Coldstream Brewery is found in one of Australia’s best wine regions, The Yarra Valley. Not only does it make great beer helped by the clear waters at Coldstream, but the food in the restaurant is very tasty. The food on offer is typical ‘Aussie pub grub’ with their Brewery Burger being a popular favourite. 

The Brewery Burger consists of 150g ground beef burger with bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, tomato relish and garlic aioli. It just melts in your mouth. Served with regular chips or Truffle Fries (fries coated in a truffle salt) it goes down very well with a nice cold beer! So if you are in the Yarra Valley, make a visit to the Coldstream Brewery.


Have you got a Burger to add to this list?


If you have a burger you could add to this list, I’d love to hear from you in the comments following.


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