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From the outset I must say that Mexican food is one of my favourite foods. And one of my favourite Mexican dishes is beef tacos. They are easy to make, crunchy, flavoursome and often messy to eat! I just loved eating authentic tacos while travelling around Mexico. As they are so easy to make, I often make them while travelling and when I’m home. They can be made staying in hostels, living in a van or while camping as they require minimal ingredients and only a couple of utensils to make. So here is my favourite and easy beef tacos recipe, and beef taco bowls recipe too.


What is a Taco?


A taco is a traditional Mexican dish. It is where fillings, usually made of spicy beef mince, is put into a corn or wheat tortilla.


What Fillings or Toppings are in a Beef Taco?


The fillings in a beef taco I find are very healthy. They include spicy beef mince, grated cheese, salad of lettuce and tomato topped with salsa and sour cream. Sometimes I add avocado or guacamole. Other toppings can include onion, sliced radish and jalapeños.


What Protein is in a Taco?


The protein component of a taco is usually spicy beef mince. However, vegetarians may use re-fried beans as a substitute. Some people like to replace the beef mince with fish or chicken. There are also plant-based meat alternatives.


What Ingredients are Required to Make Tacos?


  1. Ground Beef Mince – for one person about 250g
  2. I like to add an onion, it gives the mince extra flavour, but this is optional
  3. Taco spice. I often purchase the pre-made spice as when travelling, I don’t have to carry lots of spices.
  4. Taco shells. Again, I usually buy them. If I cannot buy the hard taco shells I will buy wraps which sort of turns my taco into a fajita!
  5. Toppings. I love lashings of grated cheese, lettuce, tomato, salsa and sour cream.


How do you make a Taco?


  1. Firstly, gather all your ingredients.
  2. I like to include an onion so finely chop it first.
  3. In a pan, put some oil, then add the onion, mince and spices and cook until meat has browned.
  4. Chop other ingredients – lettuce, tomato, avocado, etc.
  5. Get a taco shell, put some meat mixture in, then add toppings.
  6. Enjoy.


What Utensils are Required to make Tacos?


To make my beef tacos you will need some utensils. A pot to cook the mince. A chopping board and knife to chop the onion and other ingredients. Then a spoon to stir the mixture while cooking and lastly a plate to eat from.


Knife & Chopping Board


Taco Holder

What is a Taco Bowl?

Taco Bowl with taco mince, grated cheese, tomato, lettuce, salsa, sour cream.

A taco bowl is a fun variation of a regular taco. Basically, all the fillings you have in a taco tortilla is in a bowl instead. So you will still get all the taste of a beef taco, but without the tortilla.


Beef Taco Recipe

Enjoy my Beef Tacos Recipe


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Tacos. Hard Shell Filled With Beef Spiced Mince Topped With Lettuce And Cheese.

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