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One of my favourite beef dinner dishes is Beef Stroganoff. On reading about its origins I discovered the dish got its name after Count Pavel Alexandrovich Stroganov. It seems a French chef was working for this wealthy St. Petersburg family and created this dish for a cooking contest in 1891. And he won the contest and following Russian custom of the day, named his prize-winning dish after his employer. No matter how the dish got its name, I enjoy this Russian dish. It is simple to make also. Typically made from sliced tender beef cut, though I sometimes cube it, which is sautéed in butter with sliced mushrooms, chopped onion then combined with sour cream. With my recipe I throw in a tablespoon of paprika, cause my mum would add paprika, which combined with the other ingredients provides a really nice flavour. I then serve it with rice or pasta.


Beef Stroganoff Made From A Good Cut Of Beef Then Sautéed In Butter With Onion, Mushrooms, Paprika And Finally Sour Cream. Served on Rice Or Pasta.

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