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Welcome to Travellers-Fare


I’m Sharyn, the person behind Travellers-Fare – recipes for travellers, backpackers and campers.

I’ve been travelling all my life thanks to my dad who worked for an airline. As you can imagine we made use of cheap flights and we travelled to many parts of the world. Travelling has opened up my world to many things and has led to my love of different world cuisines, particularly Mexican, Asian and Italian foods. Unfortunately, trying different world foods don’t always agree with me and when it doesn’t agree with me, my health and travel aspirations can suffer. So can my wallet if I have to buy every meal. This is why I have created Travellers-Fare – Recipes for Travellers, Backpackers and Campers.

Here on Travellers-Fare you will find recipes that I make while I am travelling, backpacking or camping, and even at home! You will also find how-to guides and cooking gear and utensil reviews to help make cooking meals on the road easy. I believe, when you eat well, you travel better.

Am I a chef I hear you ask? No. I am a gal who needs to eat, so I cook.


About the Recipes @ Travellers-Fare


All recipes have been borne from meals I (and friends and family) cook while travelling, backpacking or camping. My recipes:

  • Use minimal utensils because you can’t always carry these with you when you travel.
  • Use minimal ingredients, but still provide the nutrition you need to keep healthy to travel. I try to utilise fresh, local produce for my meals.
  • Can be adapted to the cooking utensils you have, like a one pot meal can be cooked in a camp dutch oven while camping or in a pot on a stove top in a camper van, in a hostel or accommodation that provides a kitchen/kitchenette.
  • Offer what to do with leftovers, if there are any.
  • Should be cheaper to make than buying – I hope.

Please enjoy the recipes here at Travellers Fare – Fast and Fabulous Meals for Travellers.

I would love to hear about your fast and fabulous meals, so feel free to drop a comment in a post or email me at


World Foods


Don’t get me wrong, just because I like to cook while travelling, doesn’t mean I don’t go out to enjoy plenty of local meals. I love immersing myself in the local culture of wherever I am, and one of the best ways to do this is to discover the local foods. Head to my World Food Favourites page to discover many of the favourite foods of the world.


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