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Ah the life of a traveller, eh? On the road – every day a new adventure, living out of a suitcase or backpack, flitting between hostels and hotels or wherever you are calling home for the night and to top it off, not eating well when you over indulge in fast food because you can’t deal with a hostel kitchen or hotel rooms with limited cooking facilities. Well, fear not, all Travellers Fare recipes for travellers (both solo and families) use hearty ingredients and require minimal utensils to make easy, cheap, fast and fabulous (globally inspired) meals. Perfect for cooking in a hostel or hotel room. Start whipping one up now!


Sharyn McCullum Author And Content Creator Sitting At A Restaurant Table Enjoying A Burger And Chips While Travelling. Mostly, She Cooks Easy, Cheap, Fast And Fabulous Meals At Her Accommodation.


Hi, I’m Sharyn. I’ve been travelling all my life thanks to my dad who worked for an airline. To save money and to ensure I eat healthily when I travel, I cook many of my own meals. From my years of cooking while travelling I have made some interesting meals and I have put the recipes for those meals onto this website. Enjoy, eat well and cheaply when travelling by cooking your own meals!


<< Yes, I love eating out too. Here I am at Melissa’s in Melbourne, Australia enjoying a burger and chips.

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